Bone Seed Wisdom Shamanic Services

Bone Seed Wisdom Shamanic Services

When we find ourselves on a path of ordeal, we cannot escape it anymore than we can escape the night.  However, much guidance, strength & support can be gained from hidden resources, lying deep within the seed of our bones.

We live in a culture where we are fortunate enough to have many benefits and privileges. Our basic needs for survival, in terms of food, water and shelter are mostly met and the material benefits of the world around us are plentiful.

However, the demands and stresses of modern life can easily overwhelm us. We can still find ourselves alone, alienated and feeling isolated from those around us or what we feel is our true being.  There are many internal experiences that we find disorientating, traumatic and struggle to even comprehend where or how to even begin our journey into those experiences.

The journey of the soul through life can be very delicate indeed, and we often feel fragile and vulnerable.  Pulled apart from both external and internal conflicting priorities, we struggle for meaning and balance.  We try to escape from these inner struggles with distraction or medication of the mind and/or body, while all the time feeling the pressure to wear a mask of normality to the outer world.

Over time, these coping mechanisms can wear thin, while the pressures and struggles remain.

At Bone Seed Wisdom, a wide range of tools are offered to help understand and resolve these difficulties through a guided & supportive approach.  These are based on traditional methods that have been used, very successfully, over the centuries by many traditional cultures around the world, often to treat the exact same kinds of difficulties that we find ourselves struggling with, in our society today.

Whether these difficulties are specific such as dealing with grief of the loss of a loved one, depression, coping with traumatic events, an overwhelming internal emotional or spiritual crisis, or just a general, non-specific feelings of struggling with certain aspects of life, rest assured there is no need to suffer in silence or to deal with these alone.

There are many resources, both internal and external, that can help with the journey of ordeal.

If you feel that this is of interest to you, Guy offers both one-on-one and group ceremonial shamanic and purification services.

Please feel free to contact Guy on the details below to discuss what options would most suite your circumstances.