Guy is a traditionally trained and initiated sangoma.  A sangoma is a traditional healer of Southern Africa, effectively a shaman of the Zulu and related Nguni cultures.

Born and raised in South Africa, he is one of only a handful of westerners that have undergone the long and intense ordeal of thwasa (the formal traditional training and initiation process) in order to become initiated into the traditions of the Southern African traditional healers.   

Now working from the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Guy offers a very unique, but powerful and profound modality to help deal with the stresses and ordeals that modern life exerts upon our souls journey through life.  This modality can be suited for personal, couples or group work.

Guy is also a Ceremonial Leader and initiated shaman in the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society [SOTEMS], a non-profit Australian organisation which is dedicated to developing new forms of Australian Spirituality and healing based on traditional healing (shamanic) methods for contemporary Australians.